City of Yellowknife allows local artist to depict Wildcat Cafe on T-shirts

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Yellowknife, NWT – Yellowknife city council has approved a motion to allow a local artist to keep T-shirts depicting the Wildcat Cafe and grant him permission to use the venue’s trademark.

Councillors approved the motion during the first full council meeting of the month earlier this week.

Nick Macintosh had 100 shirts printed with one of his paintings and had been selling them at the visitor’s centre and the airport’s gift shop.

City council admitted the city wasn’t informing people the Wildcat Cafe was trademarked or that artists needed city permission to use it.

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Council also admitted the city doesn’t even have a process if artists were to ask for permission.

They just want to ensure that artists like Macintosh aren’t creating images that could hurt the brand.

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