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Yellowknifer missing bubble sextant after truck break-in

A Yellowknife man is missing some invaluable, and unusual, items after his blue Dodge Dakota was broken into this week.

An old satellite radio, a limited edition squash racquet, a navy blue duffel bag and a Swiss Army knife were all stolen from Keith Shergold’s truck in the Niven area on Tuesday night.

But Shergold is most upset about the disappearance of an antique aviation bubble sextant, which is used as a navigation instrument.

Shergold’s wife, Jacqueline McKinnon, says her husband often collects antique items so its value is very meaningful to him.

“It’s a very specific item because it’s used by aviation guys so probably only museums or older aviation guys would have something like this,” she told Moose FM.

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“It’s a small piece of equipment that’s mostly black with an eyepiece on it and a winding part at the back called a drum.

McKinnon says the sextant is in a shiny wooden box. If you happen to come across the instrument, McKinnon asks that you get in touch with her or her husband via Facebook.

“He would certainly love to get that back because it’s not like he can go to the store and get another one.

“I have a sinking feeling that it’s probably going to get kicked to the curb once they see that it’s not anything they can really use.

“Only a very tight niche market would be after something like this.”

McKinnon told Moose FM she will be filing a police report.

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