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Striking workers in Hay River victims of vandalism, threats

Striking Town of Hay River employees are being abused in the community, according to workers on the picket line.

Nearly 30 people have been on strike since February 9 over a wage dispute with the Town.

The two sides appeared close to making a deal in late May before talks fell through. Now, striking workers say some of their signs have been vandalized and threats have been called in against them.

“Some individual called into the UNW (Union of Northern Workers) office and made a threat against us saying he was going to bring all his buddies down and beat us all up,” said Rachel Yee, from the picket line.

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“As far as the threat it could’ve been a member of council, it could’ve been the mayor or it could’ve been a member of the public. We have no idea.”

Yee says police are aware of the vandalism and of the threat directed towards them.

Strike began over five months ago

Employees have been on strike for more than five months now but the number of people on the picket line is starting to dwindle.

Yee told Moose FM some have landed other jobs while one member has resumed working for the Town.

Despite diminishing numbers, Yee is confident remaining strikers are united.

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“Some of us are out there for our own benefit while some of us are out there for the benefit of the entire group,” she said.

“The majority of us are out there as a group and we’re going to stick together.”

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