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Air Taxi Services to Isolated Communities Growing in Interest

Recent research in other parts of Canada is suggesting that there may be an increased demand for air taxi services to help connect some of the more remote parts of the country.

Growing support for the launch of air taxi services could help boost remote communities in Canada with more people considering moving to remote areas, if access conditions improve according to new research.

Government data shows that roughly one in nine Canadians are classed as living in remote areas, which accounts for 74.6% of the Canadian landmass, and there is growing concern about the long-term future of these remote communities.

However, a nationwide study by Horizon Aircraft, a Canadian-based innovative leader in hybrid electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL) aerial vehicles, shows the launch of air taxi services could play a vital role in revitalizing rural communities.

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The research, which included the views of people living in remote communities, found two out of three Canadians would welcome the use of air taxis to address negative issues associated with living in remote communities such as poor access to transport, isolation, and unreliable supplies of critical goods and medical supplies.

There are at least twelve communities in the Northwest Territories are accessible only by scheduled or charter flights for most of the year. These communities range in size from 100 to 500 residents who receive their groceries and other supplies by air shipment. Communities on the Mackenzie River are supplied by an annual barge that delivers dry goods, non-perishables and other items ordered by community members.

Flights to these communities are offered through regional airlines often on smaller airplanes with strict cargo weight restrictions. The costs of these flights vary depending on the community location and the number of potential customers.

The research by Horizon shows that the introduction of air taxis or eVTOLs could increase interest in Canada to moving to more remote areas. Around 45% may consider moving if eVTOLs were more readily available to enable travel and ensure a strong supply chain.

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