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GNWT Provide Tips for Hay River Residents On Returning Home

The GNWT has released some information on what residents of Hay River can expect to find once they are allowed to come back to their homes.

Firesmart protections have been put in place across the community. Gas and propane tanks may have been moved to the curbs, and coloured ribbons have been placed on certain homes to show the level of risk they may be under based on the Firesmart assessments. Grass, leaves, branches, pallets, and other flammable materials may have been cleared to avoid spot fires. Other structures may still have sprinklers in place as part of their protections.

Tree removal has taken place along Fox Holes road through Thebacha, Bell Rock, Tamarack, West of the “W’s”, Water Plant, frog ponds south, College HEO training grounds, and dozer guards in the surrounding forests.

There will likely still be smoke and fire activity in the area from the larger fires. Some government run as well as private services will be reduced for a time.

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A list of materials has been shared that will help residents. Items include a 5-litre bucket, a mop, broom, various cleaning solutions, heavy duty garbage bags, work gloves, N95 particle masks, baking soda and vinegar, and a reliable support network.

Hay River residents are also advised to check for potential dangers before entering any structures, and keep an eye out for wildfires. Use fuel burning appliances outside to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, and do not enter structures if you do smell gas. Document any and all damage and keep records of all repair costs, then check with insurance providers to make sure what is covered.

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