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Police investigate nails on the road in Hay River

RCMP are trying to find out who spread nails across the street in Hay River’s old town.

Police say they received reports earlier this week of nails on the soft shoulder of the road in the 101st Street area. A number of residents have also reported finding the nails online – including some who say their vehicles were damaged as a result.

The nails in the road have been linked to increasing dissatisfaction with the behaviour of some ATV drivers in the town of Hay River.

Kim King, who lives on Wright Crescent in the town, recently complained: “Over the last three days there has been a huge increase of quad and dirt bike traffic. The drivers appear to be youth who are travelling way too fast.”

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King said the ATVs were “an accident waiting to happen”. Fellow resident Kate Latour added: “I watched one kid drive down our street on his belly, on a quad. No stopping at the stop sign – nothing.”

‘Have more respect’

But residents agree that leaving nails in the road crosses the line, and does far more harm than good.

“I realize some people are frustrated by quads or speeding vehicles on the streets near their houses. But please have more respect for your fellow residents and visitors to our community than to do this,” said town councillor Keith Dohey when he posted images of the nails to Facebook.

“I found these at two intersections in the old town today. I picked up what I could but some are in the ground pretty good, and there are a lot. I’m talking pounds of nails.

“If you are trying to stop kids on dirt bikes, this is a pretty careless and dangerous way to do it. If you think you are being funny, you’re not.

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“Vehicle tires are expensive, a lot of people can’t afford to replace them because of the selfishness of others.”

On Facebook: Discussion on the Hay River Community Announcements page

Lynn Lepine is one resident affected.

“I would just like to thank the person who for whatever reason decided to drop an assortment of nails on two corners down here in the old town,” she wrote.

“Because of you I now get to take my truck with the new tires down to Tire North for repairs.”

Hay River RCMP said they are investigating the “extremely dangerous” act of spreading the nails.

“Hazards such as loose nails can cause serious damage to motor vehicles of any kind and can lead to property damage, bodily harm and/or life threatening situations,” read a police statement.

“Any community members with ongoing issues [regarding ATVs] are encouraged to bring their concerns to the Hay River RCMP to be dealt with in a reasonable and lawful fashion.”

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