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Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Wildfire expected to reach Sambaa K’e community in the coming days

The wildfire in Sambaa K’e remains out of control. The flames now cover 249,077 Hectares, which is up nearly 50,000 hectares since the last measurement.

The fire creeped 5km closer to the community, now just 10km from the edge of Sambaa K’e at its closest point.

Crews were able to fly most of yesterday due to lower smoke levels and increased visibility. Air tankers made drops on priority targets near the community throughout the day to slow the spread.

Ground teams credit the unexpected rain as a major factor in stopping the fire from reaching the community yesterday. However, without the additional assistance from rain, NWT Fire says it is possible the fire reaches Sambaa K’e in the next few days.

According to NWT Fire, structure protection remains a priority and sprinkler operations have been completed on all critical infrastructure and buildings in the area.

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