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Some Summer Reminders from the City of Yellowknife

While summer may not have officially begun quite yet, warm weather has settled in across the North for some time now, and the City of Yellowknife is reminding residents of a few ways to keep the city clean and safe.

Firstly, when taking animals out for walks, be sure to clean up after them. The removal of dog droppings is a simple and easy way to keep city parks and walkways clean and presentable. Waste collection bags can be picked up at City Hall, at either the Customer Service Desk, or the Municipal Enforcement Division.

The ongoing wildfires have gathered much attention, and encouraged the City to put out some tips on fire safety for those who own cabins away from any urban areas. Be sure to check and service any propane appliances and CO alarms. Make sure fire extinguishers are in working order, properly dispose of cigarette butts, and make sure there are no combustible materials within 1.5 metres of the building.

Cyclists are now a common sight as people go about their days. Anyone riding through the city is reminded to obey all regular traffic laws, and to give clear signals to motorists and pedestrians of your presence and intentions by making use of bells and hand signals. Wear bright clothing so that you can be easily seen, especially during the evenings. Be sure to stay on the right hand side of the road, and follow the flow of traffic. Any cyclist under the age of 18 who is not wearing a helmet may receive a $25 fine.

Finally, a few construction projects are coming up in the city this summer. A section of 50th Street will be repaved and receive a water service repair. In mid-July, an all asphalt curb and sidewalk will be rebuilt along Hordal Road from Spence Road to Finlayson Drive, as it was removed last year for upgrades. A section of Franklin between McDonalds and Bretzlaff will be completely replaced, and the same is true of a section of Wiley Road. Lastly, starting in early June, all paved surfaces and a curb will be replaced along a section of Kam Lake Road and Deh Cho Boulevard.

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