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Brenden Macintosh- Becoming a Parent

         life is full of so many milestones. In 2022, local artist Brenden MacIntosh released his EP Coffee Break. And this summer, him and his wife are welcoming their first child into the world. And if their kid decides to pick him an instrument, Brenden has lots of options for them to choose from.

He’s gonna have access to, we got piano at home, we got guitar at home, we got the bass at home, we got electronic drum kit, so he can try any of that out

Eventually performing on stage with his son is something Brenden would love to do one day. And he mentioned that having a family get-together on stage is something he’s been trying to organize for a while.

Well, you know what? We’ve been trying to get my dad to come sing a song, but he’s always going golfing. It’s like convenient timing.

Even though his life’s gonna get a lot busier. Brenden is really excited to see the world around him change once he has a kid.

I’m excited to see the world through a nice, fresh perspective That’s less cynical you know, we got crazy stuff going on. Like how much corporations have control over all of us, That really brings me down. So having someone that’s just there to like see more simple things and enjoy that, going back to basics I think will be a nice refreshing way to kind of reground myself and try and find a better perspective.

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