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GNWT reacts to Diavik ‘mine-impacted water’ spill

The GNWT announced a “mine-impacted water” spill that occurred on February 7th earlier this year.

Diavik Diamond Mine reported a spill of 450,000 cubic metres of water used in mining operations on March 16th. The original spill date was listed in February.

Operators of the pipeline believed the spill was not worth reporting based on current categorization because the water was leaking into a containment pond.

As part of regular reporting, the Diavik Environment Team was made aware on March 16th and the GNWT was made aware later that day.

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GNWT inspectors have visited the site and confirmed the entire spill is contained in a designated pond at the mine site, and none has been released into the environment including nearby Lac De Gras.

The GNWT requested Diavik diamond mine divert and repair the pipeline. 

The company says they are acting to address the issue.

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