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Thursday, March 30, 2023
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‘Ready to negotiate’: City of Yellowknife asks union to set date

On day three of the PSAC/UNW Local 345 city workers union strike, the City announces they are ready to re-open negotiations with picketers.

In a news release, the City revealed that they have an offer to put back on the table when negotiators are ready to resume the bargain. The municipality has not released the details of the counter-offer publicly however, the City previously said they are looking to explore “creative” options that don’t involve a pay raise for municipal workers above 2%. 

Picketers said yesterday that they have not heard the guidelines surrounding any “creative” options but the City adds that they were never given a chance to put a creative offer on the table before union negotiators walked away from the table on Tuesday morning.

The City adds that they are committed to reaching a fair, respectful, and affordable agreement.

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Picket Captains have stated their bargaining teams have been requesting that the City reach out to come back to the table since the beginning of the strike, a request that has seemingly been fulfilled.

As of yesterday afternoon, picket Captain Allison MacDonald said as far as strikers were concerned, no new offer has been made.

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