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YK Rotary Club Shares More Info on Wreath Price Change

The Yellowknife rotary Club has shared some more information regarding the price increase on their Holiday Wreath sale.

As was announced last week, the Rotary Club of Yellowknife will once again be holding a wreath sale for the holidays. However, this year will see increased prices on every individual wreath.

James O’Connor, Vice President of the Rotary Club and the PR Director, filled us in on why the prices had to change.

“We were told by our supplier in Nova Scotia, a supplier we’ve been working with for many many years now, that they’re having trouble both with transportation costs, finding enough labour to do the actual making of the wreaths, which is fairly labour intensive. So they’re struggling with all sorts of increases just as everybody in this inflationary time.”

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James explained that the cost of the wreaths for the Rotary Club almost doubled for this year. that of course will have an impact on how much they end up charging the public for the wreaths. He stated tht customers will end up paying a little more money, and in the end, the Rotary Club will make a little less money.

Despite all the changes, sales are still going well, and James expects that all of the wreaths they ordered this year will be sold. He extends his thanks to all of the Rotary Club’s supporters.

James then shared where the money will be going once the sale is completed.

“The money goes towards our many projects in the city and area. We do raise money often for specific projects, such as the Waterfront Park, but we also like to have money to support some of our regular programming through the year.”

One of the projects that they will be supporting is the upcoming Mike Haener Bike Park.

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