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Ecology North Shares Plans for Waste Reduction Week

This week is Waste Reduction Week across the NWT, and Ecology North has shared some of what they have in store.

Waste Reduction Week runs from the 17th to the 23rd of October. Ecology North had earlier sent out a press release saying that they had several events planned out, as well as a few challenges for local groups and businesses to take part in.

Dawn Tremblay, the Executive Director for Ecology North, shared some of what they have planned.

“Well we have a reusable container challenge, and that runs all week, and it’s encouraging people to take their reusable mugs and containers to the coffee shops and reduce the waste generated from the disposable coffee mugs. We’re encouraging people to use their normal mugs, and it probably takes more work since you have to wash it, but there are going to be stamp cards available at five different businesses around town, and you just fill up the spots on the stamp card, and get entered to win a prize pack.”

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The participating businesses for the coffee mug challenge are Birchwood Coffee Ko., Javaroma, A&W, Barren Ground Coffee, and the Trading Post.

Tremblay also shared some details about a workshop that will be taking place on Saturday the 22nd.

“We’ll have a DIY, Do it Yourself workshop at the library meeting room, and the topics that are going to be covered are, first we’ll be doing worms. Compost for beginners. Anyone interested in worm composting can come out right at the beginning at 10:30. Then we’ll also be making homemade laundry soap and beeswax wraps.”

Tremblay explained that many people often buy whole new jugs of laundry detergent, so that lesson in particular can be a good way to help reduce waste.

She explained that Ecology North’s theme for this year is a “Circular Economy.” A circular economy is an idea that people should reuse items as many times as reasonably possible before throwing them away, to help keep excess waste out of the landfills.

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