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Get Ready for Ptarmicon!

A full schedule of events, as well as a special contest, has been released for this weekend’s Ptarmicon convention.

Ptarmicon, the world’s most northern gaming and popular culture convention, is making a full return to Yellowknife this weekend. In the runup to the main event, Ptarmicon has released their full schedule for the weekend’s events.

The full convention will run on July 30th and the 31st, from 11am to 5pm. A main stage will see various presentations, including magic shows, regular yoga breaks, a cosplay contest, and will be lead off by a presentation from the 501st Legion, a worldwide collection of Star Wars cosplayers who pride themselves on their screen-accurate costumes.

Various workshops will be set up for the weekend. Attendees will have the chance to learn how to cast dice, paint miniatures, draw, and even design board games. A kid’s zone will also have a few board games set up, as well as another magic performance, and multiple crafting stations.

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For those with a competitive side, multiple tournaments will be taking place all day long for both days. Magic the Gathering, Beyblade, Mario Kart Live, and even a supersized version of Settlers of Catan will be available. The event likely to gather the most hype however, will be the weekend long, ladder style, Super Smash Bros tournament, which will allow players who have registered to join in at any time. A remote League of Legends tournament will also take place at 7pm on Saturday.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a proper convention without tabletop, pen and paper RPGs. Attendees will be able to take part in a three hour Lord of the Rings RPG session, as well as a two hour adventure in Dungeons and Dragons, with a separate, introductory session to D&D taking place at the same time. Other tabletop games will be available throughout the weekend.

A special draw has also been set up. This year, every ticket sold is automatically entered into a draw for a flight from Yellowknife to Edmonton, courtesy of Canadian North. Two flights have been donated so the winner of the first flight will be drawn from the pool of Saturday ticket sales and the winner of the second flight will be drawn from the pool of Sunday ticket sales.

The Ptarmicon 2022 Summer Convention will take place on July 30 & 31, at the Multiplex’s Ed Jeske Arena in Yellowknife.

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