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Unleashed Boredom Art Show coming to Yellowknife

The people of Yellowknife will soon be able to view some truly amazing art.

The Mermaid and Moon Boutique in Yellowknife will soon be hosting the “Unleashed Boredom” Art Show. They will be presenting the incredible work of local artist, Laurence Bilodeau.

Laurence uses an experimental style that mixes various mediums and techniques. She loves all the colors of the spectrum and takes infinite pleasure in breaking the laws that were taught to her in art school. She travels through art with the intention to uplift, unleash boredom and share her healing journey.

An Art Piece made by Laurence Bilodeau.

Laurence’s own mother was an artist herself, which inspired Laurence to start drawing and working on art for as long as she can remember. She shared that it was in her teenage years that she realized that working in art would be something she could do to make a name for herself.

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“When I had the opportunity in highschool, I had more essential art classes that get more into projects, and I just saw that I was more successful there more than in French or mathematics. It was something more natural to me, and what also gave me more pleasure and satisfaction.”

Laurence also shared that her mother would take her to art shows, and that she enjoyed the ambience of the presentations, as well as the opportunity to meet and discuss with other artists.

An Art Piece made by Laurence Bilodeau.

Much of Laurence’s work is inspired by nature, and uses vibrant, expressive colours. The methods she uses are also quite diverse, as she employs not just ink on paper, but also mushroom spore prints displayed on natural wood canvases.

The Unleashed Boredom Art Show will take place on Friday, June 24th from 6pm to 10pm, and is open to all members of the public.

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