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Community Champions

North Slave Métis Alliance and True North FM present Community Champions Check out this page leading up to and on Indigenous Peoples Day to see new profiles and hear longer interviews with our Community Champions!

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Community Champions

Territorial Beverages

Territorial Beverages- Ever since 1978 Territorial Beverages has been helping over 30 NWT communities get the refreshments they want through their business. But aside from that they have helped provide constant help to the community where they have raised their families and call home. The refreshments they help provide to the NSMA's Fish Fry on June 21st along with so much more is what makes them Community Champions! Listen to our chat with Terra Weaver Pagonis of Territorial Beverages here!     

Victor Mercredi

Victor Mercredi has a place in NWT sports history as being the first NHL player drafted who was born and raised in the NWT. He's been supporting the NSMA since the 80s and believes that Indigenous People's Day should be a day of understanding and learning the history of all aboriginal groups. You'll be able to chat with Victor at the annual fish fry which is back this year!    Listen to Victor's full chat with Devin here! 

Elite Commercial Flooring

Elite Commercial Flooring- Ever since Carey McKiel started the business after moving back to Yellowknife when he did not enjoy big city life, he has made an effort to give back to the community. Helping the NSMA every year with their fish fry and he has also helped both the Public and Catholic school boards with their breakfast program. Carey believes in what goes around comes around and he has seen how the community has supported him so he'll support the community right back.  Elite Commercial Flooring is a great example of a Community Champion! Listen to Tyler's full chat...

Adam Dental Clinic

Adam Dental Clinic- Ever since Dr.Adam opened the clinic back in the early 1980's he has been a Yellowknifer at heart. The Clinic enjoys donating whatever it can to community groups whether that is donating funds, products or even volunteers, they just enjoy lending a helping hand in and out of the dentist's chair. They have helped donate funds to the NSMA's Fish Fry for over a decade. The team at Adam Dental Clinic are true Community Champions!   Listen to Tyler's full chat with Alicia from Adam Dental Clinic here!

Tony Whitford

Tony Whitford - Born in Fort Smith, Tony Whitford worked hard to help build roads across the territory before taking the plunge into politics in 1988 where he served the community for 22 years before retiring from politics. Tony works hard to keep the politics out of the NSMA and is always open to giving advice or MC'ing events but loves helping out on the Annual Fish Fry on June 21st. To learn more, listen to our complete chat below.

Ashley Mercredi

Born in Yellowknife, Ashley moved away when he was older but after not enjoying life in the big city he found himself back in Yellowknife. After it was started by his cousin it was suggested to Ashley that he check out the North Slave Metis Alliance. Now over ten years later Ashley has been a great help to the NSMA, Helping out with their yearly fish fry whenever he is asked. A real Community Champion. Listen to Tyler's Chat with Ashley here!   
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