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Yellowknife Resident Wins $20k from Lottery Ticket

A Yellowknife resident has just become $20,000 richer!

While returning home from visiting her daughter, Soledad Boado made a quick stop in Slave Lake, and picked up a POKER LOTTO ticket for that night’s draw from a local Shel station.

The following morning Boado brought her ticket to a local store and checked it using the self-checker. After scanning it, Boado was excited as she had won a $1,000 instant win for her straight flush! However, when she handed her ticket to the cashier, she wasn’t expecting what would happen next.

“I thought I won $1,000, but the clerk told me I won $20,000!” She recalled while claiming her prize.

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One of her three POKER LOTTO hands matched a Straight Flush winning her $1,000 instant win and the ALL-IN added to her ticket and made her prize jump from $1,000 to $21,259.10.

The first-time grandmother knows how she will use some of her windfall

“I’m going to give some to my son and daughter to help them out,” she said while claiming her prize.

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