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YK Authors Prepare for NorthWords Festival

Writing poems and novels can be a complicated endeavor, which is why the NorthWords Festival is here to help.

NorthWords NWT has been supporting northern writers for years, and coming up this weekend, they will be hosting their 17th annual NorthWords Writers Festival. the event will be held from May 26th to the 29th. The festival will once again be happening in person, and will feature several panels, live readings, discussions, and writing workshops. While some of the scheduled presentations do require a small entry fee and registration, many of the events will be open for the public to take part in.

Jamesie Fournier is a local writer and poet, and will be taking part in the Festival this weekend. He was kind enough to share some of the appearances that he will be making.

“There’s a couple readings that I have with the Brown Bag Lunch, and another one at the NorthWords Gala. Then there’s ‘How to Transpose your Story into a Graphic Novel.’ That one’s about graphic novels, and bringing your story into an illustrated, visual format. That one I’m really excited about, there’s a lot of great people at that one.”

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Fournier added that he will also be speaking at a poetry workshop discussion. It will focus on ‘Poetry in our Modern Time.’ It will feature several notable poets as guest speakers, including Lillian Allen, and Joseph A. Dandurand.

Jamesie spoke further about the graphic novel panel, sharing some of the aspects of the future discussion that has him so excited.

“Just to be able to hear these other authors, and what their process is of going back and forth with their publishing companies, and then the idea of writing a script and taking your idea and being able to map it out visually with the different styles and different pages. It’s something to really dig your teeth into, and then finding an illustrator and style and format that really works for you. It’s all really fun building blocks for this process that I’d love to learn more about.”

the NorthWords Festival will be holding over a dozen different events throughout the weekend, all starting on Thursday. Information on each presentation can be found on the NorthWords website by clicking here.

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