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Full Evacuation Order Issued for Hay River

An official evacuation order has been issued for the entirety of Hay River.

While the original evacuation order only focussed on the most impacted areas of the community, this latest order now applies for every resident of Hay River. It asks for them to head to higher ground, or to make their way to the community centre. Residents also have the option to travel to Enterprise, and await further information.

For those who are traveling to Yellowknife, the Multiplex building has been established as a temporary shelter, and is located at 41 Kam Lake Road. Many residents have already taken refuge in the building.

the original evacuation order was issued in the early morning of Saturday, May 7th, when rising waters reached the small community of Paradise gardens. the last major flood to hit Hay River came in 1963, and many displaced residents are shocked at how severe the current situation has become.

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Marilyn Marshall, a resident of Hay River, shared her surprise at the situation.

“Honestly, every other year, I wasn’t worried, because where I lived, I thought it would be no effect on me and my home and myself, personally, because I lived on the south. I lived on the river for thirteen years, and then I don’t live on the river, I live across the street from the river right now. So I was never really worried about the river overflowing for me personally, but the people in the west towers, we were all so concerened for those people. This year, it’s the whole town.”

Mrs Marshall also helped to provide a sense of scale for how high the waters have risen, referencing a local park.

“That’s where you can actually go and see the river flowing, because you can look up and down the river. It’s full of vehicles and people video taping and taking pictures, and just watching the river, and to seehow high that water has come… three days ago, I had drove my vehicle down right next to the river, and now the ice is up almost to the road.”

Yellowknife Mayor Rebecca alty issued a statement, syaing “As residents in Hay River and Kátł’odeeche First Nation endure historic flooding that is wreaking havoc on lives and property, the City is here to support you in your time of need.”

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