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Hay River Woman Collecting Flood Supplies in Yellowknife

The people of Yellowknife have another opportunity to help Hay River.

Bhreagh Ingarfield is one of the residents who has been displaced by the flooding in the Paradise Hills area of Hay River. She quickly decided that she would not wait around for help to come, and instead work to provide it herself.

“We saw other people starting to prepare. We decided that we would come up to Yellowknife and start to reach out to businesses and Yellowknifers for any supplies that they’re willing to send down to Hay River just to help out with the floods.”

Bhreagh explained that they are actually preferring donations of supplies rather than money.

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“We’re not really looking for money donations ourselves. we don’t really wanna be handling that side of things. there’s a lot of other wonderful organizations that would be great to donate to. For us, we just wanna make sure people have the supplies. In small communities, often it’s the supplies that are really hard to get there, especially with there being closures on the highway.”

Bhreagh stated that it’s more important to her that people have supplies like hoses, pumps, and buckets. Other resources like rubber boats, generators, and packing containers will also be useful.

Breagh and her husband will be collecting supplies until noon on Wednesday, May 11th. She also shared another source that can be used for donating supplies, that being the Hay River Helps Facebook Page, which many people of Hay River have been using to coordinate resources and warn each other about the developing situation.

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