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Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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Severe Flooding Continues to Ravage Hay River

Hay River continues to deal with severe flooding throughout the community.

The recent evacuation order remains in place for Vale Island / West Channel and Paradise Gardens residents, as well as any riverfront property within the community boundaries. This includes the Corridor, Miron Drive, McBryan Drive, Capital Drive, and Riverview Drive. All residents who live within the affected areas are encouraged to find alternative housing for the time being, and also get themselves registered at the Registration Center (833-699-0188).

Much of the flooding occurred on Sunday, which saw a large surge of ice and water in the area. Emergency crews, with assistance from the Coast Guard, proceeded with a full evacuation. Periodic flooding has been occurring along the East Channel resulting in several highway closures.

Water and ice levels are currently extremely high along the banks of the Hay River throughout town. Increases in water levels associated with pending pushes and jamming can result in flooding along riverfront properties. Ice is broken and jammed through both West and East Channels and through to Paradise Gardens. More ice and water is still to release and make contact with the main jam. Highway closures to the Vale Island have been frequent with water and ice crossing the road. Staff at the bridge are managing access.

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Weather conditions continue to provide challenges for rescue and evacuation operations. Severe snowfall warnings, low temperatures, and rising water levels in northern Alberta have also compromised certain transportation services.

Food services for evacuees are being made available through the registration centre at the community centre. Various local support groups are forming on Facebook to provide additional services to impacted residents.

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