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Evacuation Order Issued for Hay River

An evacuation order has been issued for the Vale Island/West Channel area near Hay River.

The order was issued due to a recent flooding threat in the area. Residents are required to register at the Hay River Community Centre (Recreation Centre), by calling 833-699-0188, or using the online registration form at www.hayriver.com/breakup. For those individuals requiring assistance evacuating please contact 833-699-0188.

While the community is evacuated emergency officials will survey the area. Daily briefings will be provided through the Hay River Facebook page, Town of Hay River Emergency Measures Email Subscription Service, and by calling 833-699-0188.

If you do not have any way of reaching the Registration Centre, you are asked to please call 833-699-0188 for assistance.

While the evacuation order is in effect, it is recommended that residents in the affected area stay with friends or family. If you have access to an RV or camper, the RV Park near the Hay River Community Centre will be available. Power at the park will be provided at no charge to evacuees. The Community Centre will also be providing cots and blankets for anyone who wishes to stay there. Basic food services will also be offered at no charge. It is also recommended that residents make arrangements with any available hotels or apartments. In those cases, evacuees will be responsible for costs.

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