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A Good Day for Ptarmi Hunters!

Over the weekend, residents across Yellowknife went on a city-wide hunt… The Great Ptarmi Hunt!


The graphic design company Signed, as well as their business owner, Janet Pacey, put together a fun and engaging family activity for the Easter Weekend called The Great Ptarmi Hunt! Families across the city were encouraged to go on a scavenger hunt around the neighbourhood and search for small, plush Ptarmis and bring them back to the Signed building to win prizes.


Pacey explained that while her ad her team weren’t actively monitoring the exact number of participants for this event, she still estimates that there was at least 150 people taking part!


“We certainly didn’t make them all easy to find. I think there are probably a few still out there!”

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Pacey added that this was not the first time this event has been held, and that they would love to do it again sometime!


“We did it in 2020 – just as people were starting the big lockdown. Everyone was in a tizzy because of lockdown restrictions so I thought, well we could do this outdoor, safe distancing thing that will put a smile on some faces…so I got a bunch of friends to help, and we plastered the town with Ptarmis. This time we thought we’d concentrate it on the Trail to make it easier for us to put them out and get people out in a safe place.  I would love to do it again, but I can’t say it’s not a bit costly for us – we’re a small business and that’s a chunk of inventory! So yes, we’ll do it again but maybe not every year.”


Pacey finished by sharing how happy it made her to see people having so much joy for this event.


Its just great to see how well received it was. It makes me laugh a bit really… I think people are so used to structured time and rules… We had no rules or recommendations for this event – It was just ‘go out and find a Ptarmi if you can’ which I think people just aren’t used to! There were requests for locations and registration and maps… We just wanted it to be a free-for-all so I hope people had fun with it.”

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