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A Second Chat With Northern Artist Leela Gilday

For this true north tale. I sat down and I had another conversation with Northern artist Leela Gilday. In her song, writing Leela talks a lot about her Dene culture and to get my chat with Leila started. I asked her how it feels to share this culture and perspective with people who might not have ever heard it before. If it wasn’t for listening to her music.

“Yeah, it’s been a wonderful as a song writer, you know, it’s my privilege and honor to share my own perspective of the world. So being a Dene woman and from the north, I’ve shared quite a few stories and world perspectives with my audience. And I really love it when somebody who has never encountered, you know, a Dene woman or a northerner, or, you know somebody, Like me, I really love it when I’m able to open their hearts and minds to my perspective. And I think that’s what makes this a beautiful world is those not in the mainstream are lifted up so that we can all share a more beautiful and diverse world. It really is one of my honors and privileges to be able to share that perspective.”

One of the things that have happened to Leela since our last conversation was she picked up her second Juno award and I asked how it feels to have her hard work recognized, not just once by her country, but multiple times.

“That’s a good question, Tyler. I, I think, you know, looking back at the last couple of years, it’s been incredibly difficult. Both on a professional and personal level. And I think the Juno award that I won in June of last year, it really helped me to sort of re-focus and still keep the faith that the stories that I’m telling and the music that I’m making is reaching people and is touching people’s hearts. And that’s the main goal. So, you know, awards are just a, sort of a beautiful confirmation that you are like walking the right path. But regardless of awards, you know, there’s lots of people who released music, who didn’t get recognized that they’ve released profound and life-changing music. So I was honoured to stand with the other nominees and very surprised that we received. Yeah, it was just, a bright spot for me personally as well.”

And at the end of my True North Tale with Leela Gilday, she talked to me about some of the projects that she’s currently working on.

“I am still working on my new record. We’ll be doing pre-production in June and hope to release the first single by like late fall or winter. I am putting out another single of a song that I previously recorded. That’s called “Going Home”, ironically. And, yeah, and I. Still working on the project with my brother. We haven’t come up with a name as yet, but he and I have written a duo show and hoping to tour that pretty soon as well.”-Leela Gilday, Northern Artist and Multiple Time Juno Award Winner

Listen to the full TNT here!:

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