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March 19th Marked As “Screens Off for Sight” Challenge

This weekend, Canadians have an opportunity to raise awareness and support for the blind.

March 19th marks Fighting Blindness Canada’s 3rd annual “Screens Off for Sight” challenge. This 24-hour event invites Canadians to turn off their phones, laptops and TVs – basically any device with a screen – and engage in other fun and meaningful activities, all while raising money for vision research.

Jackie Rosen, the Executive Assistant for Fighting Blindness Canada, helped to explain the mission statement for this challenge.

“As COVID-19 has been dominating health news headlines over the past two years, the number of Canadians living with vision loss has continued to grow. There are now over eight-million people in this country who are at risk of losing their sight. However, staying on top of our eye health with regular check-ups means we can quickly catch anything out of the ordinary. Early diagnosis and access to treatment can prevent 3 out of 4 cases of vision loss.”

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They also explained some of the side effects that can come from extended screen time.

“During this Screens Off for Sight challenge, Canadians can give their eyes a break from the daily strain of being on a screen and enjoy “offline” activities while paying closer attention to their vision. Consistent screen use can lead to red, watery or dry eyes, eye fatigue, difficulty focusing and headaches. If this becomes bothersome or if it appears alongside any additional eye symptoms, it warrants a special visit to the optometrist outside of regular check-ups.”

Donations can be made to Fighting Blindness Canada by following this link.

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