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Malhar Patil of Clean Strength Fitness

For This True North Tale, I got the sit down with Malhar Patil, one of the owners and people that run Clean Strength Fitness here in Yellowknife. And to start off my channel with Milhar he tells me how he became interested in becoming a business owner and then he tells me a little bit about what running Clean Strength Fitness is like with his team and how they all came together.


“Becoming a business owner, for me was just something that my family has always done. So I kind of always wanted to be part of business. And that was kind of what pushed me towards it owning the business. It’s me and my team. I have a whole team we own it together. There’s four of us and I think the best part about it was I initially used to just do it by myself. I used to just coach people online all by myself but when my business partners approached me and said let’s do it together was kind of my favorite moment where they were like hey, let’s this this actually has opportunity. Why don’t we try it together? That was kind of the fun part because for me it was just like something go my parents are part of a business so I should probably try to do something ever since day all join us. Okay, maybe there’s something here.”

Some of the things that Malhar and I talked about during our chat or what is the thing some of the best parts about being a member of the Northern business community are and what were some of the reasons for bringing CSF to the North.

“I think the best part about being up here is how much people actually appreciate it once you give it to them once you start selling a good quality product to people the reason obviously like any business owner, they try to start because there’s some sort of a hole in the market. So that’s kind of what we saw here is that the territories don’t have barbell sports from the youth up they could doesn’t this doesn’t exist like it’s kind of this you go to the gym as a kid and you kind of have fun with your friends but like in the other provinces and also the states, it’s actually a career option that people can do. And that doesn’t exist up here. And I wish I had that and I’m able to kind of been able to make it a career in some sort of way. But just to give that opportunity to students and other age groups has been kind of fun. That’s kind of the reason why we’re bringing it up here because there’s a huge market”

And Malhar ends off our True North Tale by telling me one of his favourite client success stories and another reason why Malhar and the rest of the team are really excited to be bringing more of CSF to the North.

“I think my favorite one so far is to do with the North and probably the reason why we’re starting to move everything to the North one of a really young younger students. He’s a high school student, he start he was a pro like a speed skater you went around Canada speed skating, and he tours adductor a couple of times doing that because that’s a very similar thing that people do in those sports but he came to me and he didn’t really know how to perform in barbell sports or powerlifting. And I was able to get him from that to now like to be able to compete and he’s going to be competing here in the next year so it’s it’s awesome to see that that progress for some someone that young to even bow I want to keep competing some way doctors have told me I can’t at all so to be able to take him from that to be taken to the high level of competition has been kind of cool.”- Milhar Patil, One of the Owners OF Clean Strength Fitness

Photo provided by CSF

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