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Cynthia From Best Movers

For this True North Tale, I sat down and had a chat with Cynthia, one of the owners of Best Movers here in Yellowknife. And at the beginning of our chat, Cynthia told me one of the main reasons she and her husband started best movers was to have more time with their family, but they quickly realized after starting the business while they had a bit more time with their family, the business was also taking up a lot of their time.


“Absolutely. So that’s exactly right to realize that being a business owner doesn’t actually mean you have more free time. It just means you have more hours to put in more work to put in and over the last 12 years that we’ve run the business we are finding that you know it is a matter of time that you have to put in as a business person but the one reality or the one good thing is you are able to control the balance on your life work balance. So that’s something I’m grateful for. “

Aside from being really grateful for her work-life balance during my chat with Cynthia she also told me a story about one of her favourite moments of being one of the owners of Best Movers which she says is one of the most rewarding parts of her life.

“Only because we do see some of the impact we’ve had in communities, reuniting families, somebody wouldn’t come down downtown coming to join their church or their family. One of my best moment was a gentleman believe almost nine years ago from Ontario that was coming to retire in Yellowknife. And I have so many questions for him on oh my gosh, retiring in Yellowknife. Like what made you make this decision? And one of the things that gentleman said was in the 80s. He’d worked in Yellowknife and his heart has always been in the Northwest Territories. We did the move from Ontario coming all the way to Yellowknife and I see him around town is still kicking it going at it and I think it was one of my best moments.”

And to finish off my chat with Cynthia from Best Movers. I asked her to tell me one of her favourite stories from owning the business and she told me about a time when she and her employees really went above and beyond.

“I think it was a couple of years ago we were doing a relocation project. So we walked into a residence and the wife was just overwhelmed. As soon as we walked in, she said I’ve been struggling with this move. I’m not tired. I don’t know what to do. I’m almost going to lose my mind and one of my guides and she said, Well, man, we’ll take it from here. And what we’ll do is if you want to go out and get some coffee, let’s do a quick walkthrough first shot that needs to be done and you can go out grab a coffee and we’ll get you started. So we got to walk through some of the clients and as soon as we were done we knew exactly where to start with packing the residents we’ve had for one day and then they choose a location for her day three was a full unpack in her new residence which was all within Yellowknife and fought for her. In our discussion. We’ve been a repeat client. She’s always said that was like one of the most overwhelming me and without the help of our staff and how they were able to just take over from her and make it she would never have done it. So I feel like my guides really went above and beyond to work with this client make sure that they understand that definitely was not just your hey come a new company but we are here to support our clients all the way.”


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