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Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Two Dogs with Rabies Found Near Tuktoyaktuk

The Chief Environmental Health Officer has issued a warning that two dogs from Tuktoyaktuk were found to be showing signs of rabies.

Rabies covers a wide range of symptoms, including being fearful and aggressive, excessive drooling, difficulty swallowing, staggering, walking backwards, abnormal vocalizations/moaning, paralysis and seizures. While animals with rabies can exhibit aggressive behavior, it is just as likely that they will behave in a docile nature, acting shy and calm, and acting or moving in a strange way.

Rabies can be transmitted by bites, scratches, and through licking. Simply being in contact with a rabies-infected animal can be a cause for concern, as rabies in humans can be fatal if it is not treated. If you believe you may have contracted rabies, contact the Rosie Ovayuak Health Centre and report the incident immediately.

If your pet is showing signs of rabies, or has been attacked by a fox, please contact your ENR wildlife officer to report the contact immediately. Vaccines are available to treat rabies both in humans and in animals.

General information about rabies can be found by clicking here.

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