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Schneeflocke, the Festival Director for Snowking’s Winter Festival

For this True North Tale I sat down with Antje better known as Schneeflocke, the Festival Director for Snowking’s Winter Festival and to get our chat started she tells me how she began volunteering with Snowking’s Winter Festival

“My start was meeting one of the main carver’s from the castle back in the day at a bar and I knew the castle and it was just such a magical place and she was like, “Hey, help, why don’t you like Come check it out and help us carve? The castle” and like I have no artistic like creative skills at all. I was like, “I don’t know I don’t think I could do this. I could maybe do some line” he’s like “lines perfect. We need someone to make breaks. Come on down”. So okay, that was easy. There was no way to get myself out of it. I was intrigued. And then I just showed up, were given some tools and she showed me how to do how to work with snow and then it just started from there and like playing in the snow was so fun and creating something that looks pretty like I still remember what my very first window looks like that I opened up at that time.”

Snowking’s Winter Festival wouldn’t be able to happen every year without the great team of people that make it possible and during my chat with Schneeflocke she singles out some people that always go above and beyond

“That is very easy to answer it’s a huge shout out to the board of directors like over the years and still ongoing they’re working so hard and putting this festival together. Every single one of them like they all have jobs to do to and families at home but they’re putting so many hours, So much effort, so much energy into making those events happen that every single board member is going above and beyond.”

Schneeflocke has a lot of great stories from her many years of helping out with no kings Winter Festival and to end off my true north tale with her she tells me one of her favourites.

“A favourite one is always being inside a pour. It’s so fun. Like being in a pour is like you’re in this constructive box of plywood with scaffolding around it securely attached. And then the Bobcat comes usually Snowking driving it and blowing the snow into the box. So you’re kind of like you’re feeling like you’re in an avalanche. You don’t know where like, orientation kind of goes away for a few seconds there. And then you have to stop all the snow down and then more snow comes and you keep going higher and higher and higher. And then you’re at the top of the pour and you have this beautiful view and it’s just really amazing feeling just like being in a pour is like being in an avalanche and it’s so fun.”

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