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Robin, The Owner of Williams Electronics

For this True North Tale I sat down with Robin, the owner of Williams Electronics here in Yellowknife and to get our chat started I asked Robin. When did he decide that he wanted to become a business owner?


Well, it
started at a really young age. My father was a businessman. My uncle was a businessman. So we had a couple of great role models in the family. So you know, from a very, very young age, I’ve always thought entrepreneurs it was something I’d like to pursue right from the first paper route the have so paper routes, and then into some other things, jukebox, businesses rentals, those types of things which generally brought me back to wanting to have a retail location I was the managing partner for Roy’s Audio Video for you know, 18 years and when the opportunity presented itself, I just needed to jump on it because it was an itch I needed to scratch I kind of felt like if I didn’t do it, then maybe I wouldn’t have felt sort of that I’ve completed my journey in life. So I really needed to get this done.

One of the things that I asked Robin during our chat was what have been some of his favourite moments of owning the business since he took it over from his father.

I guess the first one has been the opportunity to get a new location I think we’ve been renting for a number of years in the lower YK Center and you know, we love that mall. We love what was down there. But again, being able to bring that business to street level and be right on Franklin. That was something that was incredibly exciting for me. But again, getting back to like my favorite things is we brought in a few new lines, a few categories that I’ve been wanting to carry for a long time and now of course we’ve got the freedom to do so and the space to do so

And speaking about some of those new categories to end off my chat with Robin the owner of Williams Electronics here in Yellowknife. He talks to me about some of his favourite customer interactions he’s had since taking over the store.

It actually pertains to one of our newer categories that we have and I’m going to call it our vinyl customer. Which is a new customer that we we’ve never had before so people may know we’ve added a section of records and a vinyl section and I just love seeing the look on people’s faces when they come into like a modern electronic store and they go Are those laser discs are those and I go no, they’re records. Oh my goodness, like you know, there’s one particular customer I think I have to tip my hat to Mr. Sean Ivens from Advanced Medical Solutions. We sold them a record player and boy he bought the biggest stack I’d ever seen. Another interesting one actually, we had a customer come in and he was buying a large amount of records and I was kind of talking to us. It was a very diverse collection. And I said Hey, so what are you using for player? What are you using for stereo system because I don’t have a record player. So why are you buying all these records because pop art I’d have to sum that up as being the vinyl customer because again, it’s been so new to us and they’re just they’re so into it. So I love it. – Robin, The Owner of Williams Electronics

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