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Yellowknife RCMP Respond to Disturbance in YK Apartment Building

In the early morning of January 7th, a disturbance was reported from an apartment building in the middle of Yellowknife.

Armed RCMP Officers were callede to the scene, blocking off 53rd street as they dealt with the issue outside an apartment building between 50 Avenue and 51 Avenue. Earlier, armed officers could be seen alongside multiple RCMP vehicles.

The nature of the incident itself is not yet known, as the involved officers were not willing to give much information. One officer said that weapons were involved, and asked that the public stay away from the area. The RCMP insisted that they had the situation under control.

At one point earlier in the morning, an officer could be heard ordering a bystander to step away from what was believed to be a weapon on the ground near the building.

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