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Stanton Territorial Hospital has Suspended Labour Services

A statement from the Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority has announced that Labour and Delivery services will be temporarily suspended at Stanton Territorial Hospital between December 10th, 2021 and February 21st, 2022.

This means that anyone who is currently planning o have a baby in that time period, will not be able to do so at Stanton Territorial. Individuals who are expecting to give birth in that time will be transferred to Edmonton. Stanton will keep their services open for those who may experience an unexpected, or emergency labour and delivery situation.

This decision is due to staff shortages at the hospital, particularly in nursing. Stanton believes that they are not currently equipped to properly care for a high volume of patients at this time. All individuals who are currently planning on having children during the affected timeframe wil be contacted by phone or email, and will be given all the proper information. The NTHSSA has also put together a team to provide individuals with any services they may need, which includes determining their travel needs.

Stanton is working to fix their current staffing issues, though are having trouble when it comes to recruiting new workers. One particular challenge is finding workers who have he proper skills and training in the fields that are needed for certain roles.

Between 2019 and 2020, the NWT saw 581 babies born, with 540 deliveries taking place at Stanton. The only time a situation like this has occurred before was in 2002, and was also due to staffing shortages.

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