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Northern Author: Amber Henry

For this True North Tale, I had a chat with Northern author Amber Henry and during our chat, we talked about what she enjoys most about writing children’s books, where she got the inspiration for her newest children’s book Northern Princess, and at the start of our chat Amber’s talked to me about how she always loved writing but she didn’t think she could be a writer, growing up

I played with it a little bit in high school, and sort of looking into, where people might send books or poetry or short stories but was never brave enough to do it actually ended up falling into an acting career, and when I finally decided to part ways with that I just naturally fell back into writing, and then it wasn’t here so I came to the north that I was confident in, in the story that I had written to start sharing that with the rest of the world.

Inside of Northern Princess, you’ll see some incredible illustrations and Amber told me it’s the artwork that’s her favorite part of getting to create children’s books.

I love marrying those two mediums and now I’m not an artist, Heather Dunkier is my illustrator for both my children’s books and she does an amazing job but I love having that element to help tell the story, and love it so much that when I did one adult book called The Becoming and I actually got an artist to put in four original illustrations, into the book because I just I couldn’t imagine telling the story without having some kind of artwork to go with it.

If you’re interested in reading Northern Princess, you can grab a copy at The Yellowknife Book Cellar or Gallery of the Midnight Sun, and you can grab it along with any of Ambers other books at her website amberhenrywrites.com, at the end of my chat with Amber she gave me some insight on where the inspiration to write Northern Princess came from.

The story started brewing in my head, after I read an article about a father who took the opportunity to sit down with his daughter who loved everything sparkly and everything pink, and he would have Princess tea parties with her. And while they were having these tea parties, he would discuss with her, what it took to be a good leader. He didn’t want her to give up her princess costume, but he wanted her to understand that there was more to being a princess than the clothing, and I loved that idea and it stuck with me for years after that and when I finally sat down to write Northern Princess. I knew I wanted to set it in the north, and was the first story I wrote, I had that pink sparkly princess but it just it didn’t work. And I have children myself I’ve got a nine year old daughter and a seven year old son and I just kind of looked at both of them, and saw their adventures here in our own backyard we live on Niven Trail, and it’s just sort of morphed from sparkly princess to everyday princess because you you can be a leader without the dress and just wanted to show how the children here in the North are adventurous and love northern life.-Amber Henry,Author

Listen to the full TNT here!

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