GNWT and feds extend agreement for early learning and child care support

Child care received extra funding from the federal government on Friday. (Supplied by Pexels.)
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The Government of Canada and the GNWT have reached an agreement on an extension to the Canada–NWT early learning and child care agreement.

The federal government is providing over $10.3 million in funding over four years to the NWT to improve access to high-quality, affordable, flexible and inclusive early learning and child care programs and services.

The four-year agreement ensures that funding continues to be available to support licensed early learning and child care programs and services for families in the NWT until March 2025.

ECE Minister R.J. Simpson says high-quality early learning and child care in the NWT is foundational to setting children up for success later in life.

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“The extension means that there will be support for early childhood educators to promote the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of children in the NWT,” he adds.

The money will be invested in improving access to post-secondary education programs and professional development for early childhood educators.

Other investments include distributing cultural education resources; ensuring health and safety in child care centres; offsetting the cost of equipment supporting quality play-based environments; and increasing the number of child care spaces.

Simpson says the GNWT is looking forward to further improving and increasing the accessibility, affordability and quality of early learning and child care services in the NWT.

“Signing this agreement is an important first step,” he adds.

The federal government is also making a one-time investment of $2.59 million to support the NWT’s workforce development.

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