GNWT launches new financial flood assistance program

Flooding in Jean-Marie River. (Supplied by Tyrone Sanguez.)
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A new program has been created that allows for immediate payments to NWT residents, small businesses and community governments impacted by this year’s flooding.

Minister of Finance Caroline Wawzonek says the Emergency Disaster Assistance Advance Program increases the effectiveness and timeliness of assistance to crisis-affected people.

“This program will quickly provide funds to affected residents, small businesses and community governments so that repairs can begin, and so that residents in affected communities can begin the work to return life to normal.” she adds.

Anyone submitting a claim for assistance through the regular Disaster Assistance Policy process is able to access an advance of up to 50% now.

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Once they submit their claim, any funding provided under this new policy would be deducted from their final eligible claim under the DAP.

Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs Shane Thompson says flood recovery requires collaboration between community residents and all levels of government.

“We understand that for those affected, there are immediate needs to be addressed. By launching this program, we intend to assist in addressing those needs.”

Maximum funding available under this program is 50% of the preliminary assessment up to $10,000 for Residential Property and Small business owners; and 50% of the preliminary assessment up to $100,000 for Community Governments.

Applications for advances can be made to the Department of MACA Regional Superintendents or Government Service Officers.

Additional information can be found on the MACA Flood website. Applications will be accepted until July 31st.

Funding must be spent by October 31st and a summary of expenses along with receipts or other proof of payment must be provided by December 31st.

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