GNWT sends two Pathfinders to help flooded communities

Flooding in Jean-Marie River. (Supplied by Tyrone Sanguez.)
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The GNWT has sent two Pathfinders o help assist with the government’s response to flooding.

The two staffers will travel to Jean Marie River and Fort Simpson this week, and will move on to other communities as needed. 

They will be providing more information about the GNWT’s processes for dealing with flooding and will be able to communicate the community’s needs. The two pathfinders work with the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs.

Yvonne Nakimayak has worked with the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs for 20 years,  Ian Legaree has 30 worked with MACA for 30 years, including for the Emergency Management Organization.

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The appointments come after calls from MLAs for the territorial government to provide better communication to residents in communities impacted by the flooding.

Speaking in the Legislative Assembly, Thebacha MLA Frieda Marstelos called on the territorial government to appoint GNWT staffers to act as a single point of contact for communities impacted by the flooding.

Martselos said Chiefs had approached her saying there was confusion about certain public health measures.

“It’s horrible what they must be going through, and it’s horrible to lose your home, and then have to figure out the bureaucracy is not acceptable,” said Cochrane. “So we’ve had those discussions and we will be bringing that forward.”

The GNWT is holding three public meetings in Fort Simpson, on Thursday, June 3 at 3, 6 and 7 p.m. at the Recreation Centre Community Hall, with a capacity limit of 25 people — due to COVID restrictions.

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