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War Amps send out 1,500 key tags in celebration of 75th Anniversary

The War Amps organization has sent out its key tags as part of fundraising efforts, in celebration of its 75th Anniversary.

The key tags are mailed out to residents who sign up for free, and are given a unique code to help an individual find their keys if they lose them. 

Whoever finds the keys calls the number provided on them, and the War Amps organization helps return them to the person they belong to. Around 1,500 key tags have been sent to NWT residents.

Jamie Lunn, War Amps Public Awareness Officer says the service is provided for free and has seen 1.5 million sets of keys returned to people in the organization’s 75-year history. 

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The service is part of the organization’s fundraising efforts, which were made more logistically challenging this year with COVID-19 restrictions, says Lunn. The key tags took longer to put together because only so many people could work on them at a time.

Lunn was born without a right arm below her elbow. She said the organization helps people afford artificial limbs, but also connects amputees with a community.

“I’ve actually been part of the War Amps my entire life, they offered help to my family from the very beginning,” she said. 

“Being able to speak to another amputee, being able to share different experiences, and tips and tricks on living with their amputations is very important for amputees across Canada,” she added. “I can speak for experience from experience, that it was very important for me as well.”

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