GNWT finalizes $17 million agreement to support french language services

R. J. Simpson speaks in the Legislative Assembly. (Screenshot from GNWT live stream.)
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An agreement has been finalized to provide a multi-year framework to support the planning and delivery of quality French language communication and service in the NWT until 2023.

R.J. Simpson, Minister of Education, Culture and Employment says this agreement will ensure stability and continuity in the delivery of GNWT services in French to NWT residents.

“I am proud of our ongoing efforts to deliver French language service and communication to our Francophone residents, who help to strengthen the diversity of our territory,” he adds.

Simpson says this funding agreement provides the necessary support to continue delivering these important services.

The agreement, between the GNWT and the Canadian Government, will provide $16,932,000 over three years to support the government in delivering French language communications and services.

The GNWT says from 2019-2020 they translated 6,895 total requests for communications in French to the NWT public, including 2,299 social media posts.

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