Community members and Fort McPherson RCMP repair Millen Cairn

Millen Cairn with plaques in Gwich’in, English and French. Photo supplied by RCMP.
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Fort McPherson RCMP have been working with members of the community over the last year on rebuilding the Millen Cairn.

The cairn was erected to recognize Cst Edgar Millen, who was killed in the line of duty on January 30th 1932, on Millen Creek, just a short distance from the Rat River near Fort McPherson.

The cairn has been rebuilt and permanent plaques in Gwich’in, English and French have been put up to pay homage to Millen’s service. A pole with a Canadian flag now stands at the site as well.

“Thank you to all the Fort McPherson community members who have assisted the RCMP with this important project,” said in the RCMP.

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A small ceremony has been planned for the week of March 22nd-26th, in which community members, along with NT RCMP representatives will rededicate the Cairn to Cst Millen.

Arrangements have been made to transport some of the Elders to the site and the RCMP will share details after the event has taken place.

Over 40 km from Fort McPherson, the trail to the site had to be re-established and travel is by snowmachine over the terrain.

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