UPDATE: Folk on the Rocks could get half-day civic holiday

Dan Mangan headlined the 2015 festival. Photo courtesy: Folk on the Rocks on Facebook
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Folk on the Rocks is going to ask the city council to make the first day of the festival a half-day civic holiday.

The festival kicks off on Friday, July 16 and runs through to July 18.

Yellowknife Mayor Rebecca Alty says city council would have to draft a bylaw to establish the holiday.

Yellowknife used to have a half-day civic holiday for Long John Jamboree, which was cancelled this year.

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The territorial government supports every community in the NWT holding one civic half-day a year.

During a governance and priorities committee meeting on Monday, both Alty and Councilor Niels Konge said they wouldn’t support the civic half-day. Alty cited the fact most city employees would still have to work as a reason why she was against the motion — only city hall employees would get the civic half-day off.

The motion will go before council on April 12. If council approves the motion, the city will draft the bylaw, and then it will be presented for approval by city councillors.

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