Snare Rapids Hydro Unit returns to service

NTPC employees installing the exciter, which is located at the top of the generator. This was the final step before the Snare Rapids unit was restarted for testing. Photo supplied by NTPC
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The Snare Rapids Hydro Unit is back up and running again. The NWT Power Corporation says failure of equipment in the main generator caused the original shutdown on February 2nd.

Two of the 56 rotor poles in the unit failed and were sent off site for repair.

After a full 24-hour testing period, the unit is now considered back to fully working.

NTPC President and CEO Noel Voykin says staff and contractors worked hard to return Snare Rapids to service on the lower end of the original time estimate for repair.

“Aging hydro infrastructure will continue to pose challenges in maintaining reliable electricity supply to customers in the North and South Slave regions.”

The total cost of the shutdown is unknown, however, Voykin says diesel replacement costs during the shutdown totaled approximately $630,000.

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