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The northern art scene has always been a helpful, collaborative space. And for this True North Tale, I sat down with Trevor Sinclair the President of Music NWT, Whose organization really helps foster that environment. And helps keep musicians present and future well equipped and together. As Trevor was forming his band he realized they needed help with the side of the music industry they were not as knowledgeable on (How to form their brand, How to get their music out there) While looking for an organization to help them Trevor Discovered then quickly became the President of Music NWT in a truly northern way.

So in true northern fashion, I found my self on the board a month or two after joining, and all of six months later I became the president of Music NWT, So since then I have worked pretty hard on rebuilding this organization along with the rest of the board members that we have, and we do have a fantastic board.

Music NWT held a few jingle contests over 2020 that really helped get their name out there. But Trevor was really excited to tell me about a program they are working on with The Legion and help from FOTR (Folk On The Rocks)

Yeah, So a big part of Music NWT is fostering the next generation of musicians and creating opportunities for them, and if you are a young person who wants to be a musician like a drummer for example and you are living in an apartment or a house with other people, they might not appreciate someone playing the drums let alone someone just starting to play the drums. so we want to be able to create the space and opportunity for youth to advance their music skills so we are entering into a partnership with The Legion. we have about twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) worth of musical equipment and gear that we are going to be locating their we are still setting up what the program is going to look like and how we bring youth in and our timing around it so it’s just happening right now, Folk On The Rocks has been extremely kind to us to allow us to use their office space to temporarily store our gear but of course, FOTR is coming up this summer and they need their office space we need to get our gear out of their so we will work with organizations like that and move our gear and hopefully we will be starting something with youth real soon. and if there any youth out there that have any brilliant ideas or things they want to do absolutely give us a shout.”

-Trevor Sinclair, President of Music NWT

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