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‘Landmark’ agreement between Dehcho First Nations and wetland conservation group

On February 5th, the Dehcho First Nations and Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) signed a landmark Memorandum of Understanding to signify the completion of the Dehcho Wetland Inventory Mapping Project.

DUC delivered the completed Dehcho wetland inventory map to Dehcho leaders during their recent leadership meeting. The map captures important wetland and vegetation data.

It involved helicopter flyovers over large stretches of the Dehcho Wetland, with the aim of gathering images and using computer modelling to map the area and plan for biodiversity projects in the future.

Dehcho First Nations Grand Chief Gladys Norwegian says this wetland map inventory is another example of combining Indigenous Traditional Knowledge and science.

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“Our Elders are warning us about rapid changes across our land. We need the best information to ensure the safety of our people,” adds Norwegian.

The map allows users to visualize wetland boundaries and helps provide further information for special areas such as flow characteristics, biodiversity, and carbon density and capture.

“This MOU is another key partnership and tool for our communities, and our continuous adaptation to climate change that we are living and seeing across Dehcho Ndehe’,” Norwegian notes.

As part of the agreement, the two sides will continue to work together in partnership on future conservation initiatives related to the DFN.

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