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Jamie Bastedo – Changing the climate conversation

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Climate change? Remember that?

2019’s looming world disaster is still a major threat, despite the focus in the news shifting to a another life threatening phenomenon beginning with a C.

But Yellowknife-based author and biologist Jamie Bastedo is trying to look at climate change and taking action, more positively: in his new book Protectors of the Planet.

“This is a handbook for action. It’s an inspiring book, the whole idea is to counter that kind of despair, and depression and paralysis that we may be feeling about the headlines these days. 

Jamie Bastedo

The book tells the story of twelve different people doing their part to combat climate change.

A shot of Bastedo out and appreciating nature. (Supplied by Jamie Bastedo.)

Their stories range from tales of hiking from Yellowstone to Yukon to running for prime minister.

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All of it, Bastedo says, is to try and inspire people.

I like to make a distinction between sort of the awful news, the predictions of climate change, and the awe-full, like I’m spelling that a-w-e, full

I think you really do need a balance: in other words, just how wonderful he natural world around us, especially up north — and balancing that with — if you don’t have a really heartfelt connection to, to appreciating nature, you’re not going to be that concerned about the awful stuff.

Jamie Bastedo

Finding that balance, especially amid COVID-19, can help drive people towards positive change.

Bastedo hopes his book can achieve that.

Elizabeth May says that hope is a verb with its sleeves rolled up and all of the people in this book embody that in very practical, positive action. I sign these books, ‘Believe in the power of one.’

Jamie Bastedo

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