GNWT’s business advisory council stops meeting less than a year after inception

The old Aurora Village office building (on the left). (Photo supplied by staff)
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The GNWT’s business advisory council (BAC) will stop meeting for the foreseeable future, after operating for less than a year.

The news comes shortly after its chair resigned and two members left the group, after they had changed companies.

In its final report, the council praised the GNWT for its willingness to work with the council, but said responsiveness was often slow, and that substantive action was slow to materialize.

“The Council members will be happy to come together to meet with Industry, Tourism and Investment if there are matters on which the GNWT seeks specific guidance,” Jenni Bruce, chair of the business advisory council, said in a statement. “In the meantime, the BAC members will continue to advocate on behalf of their respective memberships together and through their own organizations.”

“However, we do not feel that a plan for economic recovery is a focus of the current executive council,” the statement adds. “As a result, the BAC will cease its regular meetings.”

In the short term, the report recommends the federal government prioritize tax credits for the resource sector, prevent banks from upping fees on struggling businesses, and improve support to Indigenous businesses.

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