Marine Transportation Services to supply and deliver fuel to military radar sites in Western Arctic

Photo from GNWT website.
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The GNWT’s Marine Transportation Services (MTS) has signed a five-year contract to supply and deliver fuel to the North Warning System radar sites in Canada’s Western Arctic.

The contract involves the annual procurement and delivery of fuel to 21 radar sites along the NWT, Yukon, and Nunavut coasts.

Reliable re-supply of these radar sites is important for Arctic military efforts by the United States and Canada. The fuel deliveries will be used to operate the radar facilities.

Diane Archie, Minister of Infrastructure says that the contract announced today will provide significant revenue for MTS while providing northern employment and economic opportunities.

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“Northern partnerships help to keep jobs and revenue in the North.”

The North Warning System is owned and operated by the United States and Canadian governments to provide airspace surveillance for national defense purposes.

The agreement was signed with Crowley Solutions, a leading provider of government energy services at Crowley Maritime Corp.

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