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Shawn Buckley – Showcasing Great Slave Lake

Shawn Buckley is a third generation fisherman and the owner and operator of Great Slave Lake Tours.

He’s Been fishing on all of Great Slave Lake for 28 years, but for him it’s more than just a hobby, it’s his home and his livelihood, something he parlayed into a job.

“My family grew up commercial fishing and on the land. So it just fell in my lap that way that it was probably the most relevant thing to do, showcasing your lifestyle to guests.”

He’s been guiding sport fishers and running boat tours in the summer and teaching tourists and lots of school kids about ice fishing in the winter for nearly 10 years. What hasn’t changed for Shawn is his enjoyment of seeing people learn new things.

“Just the look on people’s faces. They’re, they’re learning something that’s just right at their front door that they never knew was there. The reward of seeing people happy with what they’re being taught. Four hours and they’ve learned how to filet fish, how to set nets, where to set for what type of fish, safe travel on the lake and even just setting up camp or finding harbors or anything like that.”

He cherishes and respects the lake and it’s something he loves to share with others.

“Just being on the water, getting away from the site of a town, of people, or vehicles or noise. Just getting away, and sailing and then finding a little quiet cove or harbor and setting a net. Just leaving their trust in my hands and then relaxing that way they could just unwind and then not worry about anything. Let me handle everything.”

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