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Bullock’s Bistro – A star Yellowknife attraction

Bullock’s Bistro is Yellowknife’s most famous restaurant, situated in a historical landmark building in Old Town, and serving up delicious fresh fish from Great Slave Lake. In 2006, Bullocks was voted the best fish and chips in Canada by Reader’s Digest magazine.

For Jo-Ann Martin buying the restaurant 4 years ago was a no brainer.

“It was a part of our dream list, especially my husband because he was in the food service industry. So together we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to purchase it and run it for the last four years, which has been a pretty exciting few years.”

Bullock’s is a place beloved by locals and visitors alike as its walls are decorated with testimonials from people from all around the world. It’s one of the most attractive tourist destinations in all of Yellowknife for many years.

“Bullock’s is a pretty social place, it’s where you get to meet and greet people from everywhere, including all your friends and regular customers here in Yellowknife.”

However, due to COVID -19, Bullocks had to shut down operations for a bit in the spring, causing them to miss out on some of those interactions. Jo-Ann called those few months, a pretty lonely time for everybody.

“We were certainly glad to get back and see some friendly faces again once we opened up. We love to see people, Yellowknife is pretty generous and we’re very grateful for that.”

Now that things are relatively back to normal, she’s happy to be seeing people get back into their old routines.

“Anybody can pop in and grab something during the day and just wander around Old Town and see a few places around Old Town.”

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