Totally Arctic Wrestling

What started off In Inuvik as two guys wanting to be Pro-Wrestlers slowly turned into the north’s premiere wrestling federation. This is the story of Totally Arctic Wrestling

Totally Arctic Wrestling was an idea that I came up with with one of my friends here in town in the summer of 2019,And there’s been an incredible show of support for it. We wanted to bring Pro-Wrestling to Inuvik, not just the NWT but Inuvik specifically. Because we believe that Inuvik is really underrepresented here in the north, and we figured we love Pro-Wrestling so let’s start a company up here and it’s been a great first year!”

Their first show took place in the most historic venue Inuvik has to offer. They thought maybe twenty people were going to show up and laugh them out of the building; But what the town did surprised even them.

“We thought at first we would be wrestling in front of twenty (20) people that would be laughing at us but instead we got one-hundred and fifty plus (150+) that packed Ingamo Hall all the way to the rafters they were loud and it was crazy and we had so much fun the show is on youtube under Totally arctic Wrestling if you want to check it out”

Dez wants the north to know that they are so thankful of the love they have shown to Totally Arctic Wrestling and the north should expect a lot of great things from T.A.W in 2021.

Totally Arctic Wrestling is not done by any stretch of the imagination. Anybody out there who think T.A.W is done is sleeping on the wrong organization. We’ve got things brewing the guys are training we’re coming back strong so you better be ready for this. Because we are coming back with the biggest title match ever and it’s happening in 2021 regardless of where or when”

-Dez, OWner of T.A.W

Listen to the Full True North Tale

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