GNWT unveils newly redesigned NWT driver’s licences and ID cards

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The GNWT has announced the launch of its newly redesigned NWT driver’s licences and general identification cards.

Both documents offer improved security features, making them harder to alter or replicate ensuring increased protection for NWT residents from fraud. They also feature a new Northern look and feel with NWT elements such as a diamond, Arctic Grayling, Mountain Aven, fox, midnight sun and fireweed.

Beginning in November, temporary identification cards will also be available at Driver and Motor Vehicles Offices. At that time, images taken at the issuing office will also be enrolled in the facial recognition system.

R.J. Simpson, Minister of Infrastructure noted that this technology protects residents from identity theft and prevents people from getting several licences or ID cards in multiple jurisdictions.

“Our newly designed driver’s licences and general identification cards are now among the most secure in the world, ensuring the best possible protection to Northwest Territories residents from fraud.”

The new cards will be available in September 2020. Cards with the old design remain valid until their expiry date (or extended expiry date due to COVID-19).

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